Notarization of Foreign Documents

As the world becomes a much smaller community, with international travel, enterprise and various other connections, it is increasingly necessary to provide documentation to foreign jurisdictions for many reasons.  Sometimes the documents will be used to settle an estate of a deceased family member who lived outside of Canada, or they may be used for registration purposes in a foreign country, or even in the course of a lawsuit being pursued in a foreign jurisdiction.

In most of these situations, and many others, the documents being sent to the other country will require notarization before they are acceptable there.  This is not a great problem if you will be traveling to that country, and can see a Notary in that jurisdiction.  But, if that is impossible, there is a way of accomplishing the necessary notarizations, without having to travel.

Essentially, the notarization must be ‘authenticated’ as having been performed by a person with the authority to notarize documents.  This is a multi-stepped process, which varies slightly from country to country, but we are kept up-to-date with changing requirements, and can usually have your documents ready for your presentation to the appropriate Consulate of Embassy in less than three weeks.

Please note that documents which are written in neither English nor French, must have an accompanying summary in English, as to its content and purpose.