You work hard during your life to ensure that you have the lifestyle you want and can provide for yourself and your loved ones. And this due diligence is required to ensure your Estate is properly cared for.  It is important to create a Will that is legal, clear, concise and will work in the Probate courts of British Columbia. This will ensure that your Estate is quickly and properly distributed. North Shore Notary can help you with this planning.

These very important documents not only provide an orderly and directed distribution of your Estate, but also, allows the appointment of guardians for your minor children. If you fail to make a Will, the additional costs and time required to settle your Estate could cause undue hardship to your loved ones.

We provide a comprehensive package for Wills drafting to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Contact our office for more details, fill out our online Wills Instructions or click to download the appropriate set of instructions and guidebooks. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view these documents. Click here to get it.

Writing Your Will Guidebook

Wills Instructions

Being an Executor Guidebook